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Great App

Great Weather source

No radar

Looks nice, but there is no weather radar.

Live Weather.

Thorough coverage of all facets of weather. Great world view of weather; wind, gusts, pressure, waves, temperature, and a lot more. Artistic web design.

Favorite Weather App Ever!

I absolutely love this app! My favorite feature is that I get daily updates what the weather is actually going to be that day versus me opening the app each time to check

No weather radar

Despite the picture showing weather radar, that doesn’t exist in this app. They also encapsulated the Windy app, you’d be better off to just download that for maps. Buttons are on top of one another and don’t work. This is a poorly put together app.

I absolutely hate it

As soon as I got it wanted to look up Plymouth Massachusetts I typed in Plymouth and it came up with five Plymouth USA 🇺🇸 I pushed one and it brought me to Minnesota, very disappointing. Also I asked my dad to delete Plymouth Minnesota and he couldn’t delete it, also very disappointing. Then I typed in Plymouth Massachusetts it ended up with no results! I think 🤔 that they can improve by adding the actual state for example Massachusetts in the search. They can also improve by having a delete button or something. As soon as came up with no results I deleted it. I hope the people who created this reads this. 😢😢😢😢😢

This app is crap

I can’t get it to find Charleston WEST VIRGINIA.


Landscape view doesn’t work. please fix.

Calif senior

Like the temp by time, but It is off on all the micro climates created by the contra costa- Berkeley hills .

Hard to read names of cities

On the great wind map, it is hard to read the city names in white letters. Please fix that part. I like the hourly part of the forecast.

Bad upgrade

Apple for this upgrade was much better. You should see the temperature what it felt like, percentage of rain all on one page you could see all the cities you wanted to see all on one page and their temperatures I hate this app I’m probably going to delete it

Easy and accurate

Seems more accurate than AccuWeather app.

Tells the Weather

Is good

No long supported

This app UI just doesn’t work. App hasn’t been updated in a year. Don’t purchase.


Ap gives several days weather forecast but gets stuck on a day for several days.

I WANT to like it...

I do like the simplicity of the format. I just want the basics & that’s what you get here with acceptable accuracy & without clutter. No ads on the main page. But... I HATE the font. It’s thin & weak & really unappealing to my eye. It’s crazy & superficial, I know. But I had to go back to my phone’s old default weather app because the font here is so weirdly off putting. The location setting also needs a tweak. It searches by city name without specifying a state. There’s 21 Springfields in the U.S. The map gets stuck in wind speeds the 1st time you use it then the option to change to storms or temperature never appears again. Barometric pressure is in units of “kpa” instead of “inHG”. I’m American. I’m not good with measurement conversions. I hope they work these bugs out. I’m really rooting for this app to rise above its shortcomings.

Finally something to replace storm radar

This is like regular storm better than storm radar


SUPREME - Easy on my EYES ✈️‼️‼️🌺😆👍🌪💦❤️💧💦💧


Can’t search by city & state, which makes the app useless.

Weather Channel has become too slow

It just takes too long for Weather Channel app to load. I just want to know the outside temp and chance of rain, this one pops up in seconds with what I need.

Best weather app I’ve ever had

This app is very reliable. And unlike other apps this one will show you when it will rain or snow instead of just saying “ it’s going to snow “ I bet most of the people that look at weather apps have seen that before. And one of my favorite details( since I live in Georgia) is that it shows you the humidity for each day. I would strongly suggest this app to everyone.

Spot On Weather report

Cocoa Beach Fl ... good job giving us great weather real-time reports.

Mostly inaccurate

Doesn't accurately give weather conditions in my immediate area. I can get better info by just looking up at the sky and see if there's something coming our way. Really disappointed.


I don’t let apps use the current location feature. So, I type in the city I am in. For the first week, this app remembered the city and would go there upon opening. Now, I have to enter the city every single time. Driving me crazy. I’m going to find another weather app.

Good app

Best weather app

Beautiful App

While this is a beautiful app and it has several very nice features, the temperature indicator is so far off that it makes the info totally unusable. The difference right now between my other weather app and this one is 8 degrees. Our home thermometer is very close to the other app. It is 72 degrees outside and this app says it is 64 - a big difference when you are considering opening up the doors and windows to let in fresh air and not wanting the AC to kick on. I can just hear my mom now: “what are you trying to do? Cool down the whole neighborhood?”

Wish it had more

Has great stuff already but I wish it had more detailed precipitation reports (like down to the minute instead of hourly) just like accuweather does.

Love it 😍

Gives the right information but what are the games

Simple n great but......,

This is a very simple app that gives you the daily information you need. All the features are well designed. I would have given 5 star rating but because if following: The font sizes and color depth on details are too small and light for a person who can’t see clear. There is no way to adjust that. It would be nice to have that feature or provide the background theme to adjust so that entire screen displays all the information clear. Keep working. Thanks.


I like the app but it says that my location is Winchester I live in rindge

Eye pleasing graphics

Nicely done with key info in graphics. Sometimes app doesn’t load all locations promptly. Forecast lines up well with Weather Channel

Difficult to use

I can not figure out how to get to the radar. The map I have only shows the wind. Tried every way I can see to change it but no luck.

Handy ap

Good, readable reports

Good App

Easy to use and pretty layout. How about adding the local time for each location?


Inaccurate forecasts in metro NY area. Did not show correct weather even while it was happening.

Works wonderfully

I love the details they’ve put into this app, it works flawlessly for my iPhone X and is very accurate. I live in a pretty bipolar area where it can be all seasons in one day so it’s important for me to have a accurate app while on the road, I have been alerted for high winds and such so it helps me be prepared. Highly Recommend!

Easy to use

I found this app easy to use and had the information I wanted. I recommend it.

Elegant Design

Easy to use. The graphics impart a great deal of information in a well thought out and beautifully pleasing aesthetic. Everything and more a weather app could provide.

Radar map

Wanted a radar map and I’m not seeing it and there is a radar feature than it is very hard to navigate through.

Poor design and inaccurate predictions

Very hard to search for a location because the state is not listed in the search. Overly complicated visual layout. Predictions are fairly inaccurate more than one day out.

Good App but..,,,,,

Thorough and accurate but there doesn’t seem to be any way to contrast actual info from background. It’s one light blur.

Unable to use

Refuses to find my city. Won't operate with zip codes. Pretty stupid & a complete waste of time.


Good basic weather app. that replaced WU when they stopped supporting the older IOS on my Ipad Mini. If you want more info this isn't it.

Can’t get the city location

Not able to choose the city and state so that you can get an accurate location.

Nice App...But

There doesn’t seem to be a way to have added cities as constants. Put them in several times but when I return to the app they simply disappear.

Can this app ever remember my city???? Ever??

Every time I open my app I have to reenter my city.. Can you image how annoying is that?

Won’t work with iPhone C

Do not download this if you have an iPhone X. The app display is chopped off at the top and bottom and does not support the notch and full screen display.


What good if it only gives wind info. Tried delete and reinstall, but still goes to wind. Doesn’t go to your location for anything. Map is just a wind blur. Sorry, sorry app.

Best tennis app

Very realistic

Can not find what state city is in.

Try to get weather in Youngstown Ohio? I put in Youngstown and it gives about 10 choices most of which say in the United States, but not what state they are in. If you put specifically Youngstown, Ohio it says can't be found.

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