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Make my day easier.

This app helps me plan for my days . Helps with going out of town you can check the weather anywhere.

Nice Design, Poor City Finder

The graphics are simple and easy to follow. It doesn't take up too much space on my phone. Not too much clutter or unnecessary blitz. However, the way you find cities isn't well designed. It works fine for the city you're in at the current moment, but if you try to search the city, it comes up with the country the city is in not the state, so any city with a common name is very trial and error / time consuming to find. I nearly gave up finding Chelsea, NY. It'd be much better if you were able to search cities by zip code and / or if the cities on the search list appeared with the state and country of its location instead of just the country. Also, I think adding a moonrise and moonset to the sunrise and sunset would be cool.


Great info on wind speed and brief on forecasts. Unfortunately, unable to get radar to work. Posts a “snow and radar” connection, but I guess since there is no snow here, no radar either.!


At first when I open the map view, I was able to select the type of map I wanted to view. After selecting the appropriate view, the menu option to change the view no longer appears. I fully closed and reopened the app and that option is simply not there. I got this app for the radar of you and now I am on able to see it because I tapped on the wrong map for you. For me, this app is not very helpful.

Will be looking for another weather app

Not accurate at all. It’s pouring rain right now, and the app is showing sun with clouds😳


We all live it. Most of us love to know what the weather is going to do. This app provides a great solution. I love it because it’s not cluttered with ads and nonsense I don’t care about.

Nice app

Very easy to use and being I sail I love the wind paternal... great job!!


The only map that gets displayed is for wind.


This weather app is very good. I really like it.


I use the app daily like it a lot

One annoying flaw

The only thing I dislike about this app is this: there are sometimes descriptions written about the weather for the day, but the whole sentence (or could even be a whole paragraph, I don't know) doesn't show. There's no way to expand the text to see all of it. For example, it'll say something like, "a thunderstorm in parts of..." And I can't read what the rest says! Quite annoying.

Great app

I recommend it!

This is very good app for weather

i have used it for a whole year and really Love it

Solid weather app for iPad

Good app with no ads and all the info you could want presented well.

Ridiculous daily rain forecast

No percentage chance for precip. Are you kidding me? What is a “couple rain showers” today or three days from now supposed to mean? This is when every other weather service in my area are predicting 90% for next three days. Deleted.

It’s ok

I was frustrated with the yahoo weather app for being inaccurate. This seems to be ok, but the radar map or lack of is frustrating. I also like to have a list of other cites for family and friends.

Like it but...

I like this better than other weather apps, but when using it on my iPad I can only read it holding it one way. Nearly every app lets you use it both ways, so it’s a bit disappointing, hence the 4 stars.


Great app


This App is at least two degrees of magnitude above the default weather app. It’s very aesthetically pleasing in every detail with great animations and functionality. I will recommend to everyone even if you are fine with the default weather, this is just way better.


I love it end of story


Doesn’t want to update the time-of-day display

Nice app

Pops up to give the day and night. Very accurate.

Great program only one suggestion

It is all good except expressing the time of day with a 24 hour clock instead of AM/PM. I’m constantly having to translate it.

Radar map

I like everything except for the map. Hard to see and not colorful. I’m very disappointed.

OK Weather App

This weather app is just ok. Temps are usually within a couple of degrees of my outside thermometer. I don’t like that I’ve had to set up my locations 3 times in the last week or that I keep getting alerts for weather in a city I drove through last week and haven’t been in since.


This app is not so great because it does not rotate the screen on the iPad.

Good site

Love watching the weather here.


Help me cancel this app. My phone is EXTREMELY HOT since I purchased it!!!!

Ugly and difficult to use

The interface is ugly and difficult to use. It’s locked to a vertical orientation, which I hate using. Every app should include landscape orientation. The app ask for too many permissions. Makes me feel like they’re trying to steal my information.

Random forecast?

The prediction based on the app is 89% chances of rain but then it also says sunny all day. This is not the first time the app contradicts itself. Other times the prediction may be sunny all day when it is actually cloudy or raining all day. I’m deleting it.

Terrific app

I have tried many weather apps. This one is comprehensive and easily read.

The radar feature is awful

Everything else about is nice, but the radar feature (which is what I mainly use) is total garbage.


I keep looking at all the weather apps. This is the most user friendly and accurate.

Nothing special

Doesn’t seem to offer much. I have to look at other apps for details.

Always wanted this feature

This app shows me a chart off what the weather will be. So I know right away, without having to scroll though, what time of day is the hottest and coldest. I don't just want the temperatures, I want the time.


Screen only comes up vertically.

App review

I have several weather apps on my phone because I enjoy comparing the different weather patterns but I always come back here to plan my day. 90 0/0 on the money great app

Please update for iPhone X...

It would be five stars, but there hasn’t been an update for iPhone X.

So far, so good

I was very disappointed when the weather app on the iPad changed and became one huge ad. This app, so far, has been clean with very good information

Needs help

I have this same app on my phone and I pad on the IPad the refresh rate is terrible right now there is 8 degrees different with the IPad showing lower than the temp. Also on IPad I can not look at all locations at the same time.

Live Weather good App.

This is a very easy to use app, I’ve used it for a few weeks now. I would like to see a few changes. 1 improve the map to open showing my location, like other Apps I’ve used. 2 change the pressure reading to psi, we aren’t using metric so kpa isn’t known by a lot of us in the USA. Plus show an arrow indicating direction up or down.

Love this one

At the touch of a finger I get what I need to know

Isn’t Accurate

At first I thought this was a nice weather app. Easy to check the forecast and temperatures. However it has become so unreliable and inaccurate I’ve given up. It is currently 10 pm and it says the temperature is 82 degrees, however it’s actually 73 degrees outside. Plus when I try to make sure it has my location correct for the forecast it won’t let me change anything or provide enough information to see if it’s the correct place. So frustrating.

New user

So far so good but I haven't used it much yet. I'll update my review in a few months.

Pretty darn good.

Good app. I use it all the time.


I had to erase my iPad and start over. I decided to try a different weather app. I am very pleased with this one.

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin?

What’s with this apps inability to locate Egg Harbor, Wisconsin?

Being asked

I enjoy using this app, it seems to flow very easily. I would have given it a higher rating but being asked if I like the app to give it five stars is pretty cheesy and self indulgent. I wonder if snowflakes created this and they feel they are entitled

More maps

This is a good weather app. Easy to read, nice graphics, and intuitive. Wish it had more maps then jet stream though. I miss the verity of satellite maps I had with my old cancelled app.

Much to like!

I was apprehensive about downloading this app but after several months I’m ready to say I like it! Love the messages in the morning and evening about what the local weather will be. And it’s accurate, a challenge on coastal California. I like the ease of checking out weather in other cities. I’d like it better when I put in a city that the state pulls up automatically so I can choose the one I want, but the state doesn’t always show. I also like the 10 day forecast. There’s more to learn with this app so perhaps I’ll update the review in a few months.

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