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It doesn't do what it's supposed to do

I don't have a radar on my app I guess. I've seen some of the reviews with people talking about the radar. My app has a place at the bottom of the screen and on the left it says forecast and on the bottom right it says free games. Well, There are No games At All! What's up with that? Why would their even a thing saying that about the games AND Where is the radar that everyone is talking about? I clicked on the bottom that says maps at least that's what I think it says but when I click on that a blue screen of nothingness comes up just like when I click on the games! Besides all that the app is OK.

Unable to use zip codes

You have to type in a city, but not the state. For those of us who live in common city names, forget it. This level of short sightedness is baffling.


I like the app as a whole but it would not let me look at the map. I am deleting it for that reason.


Seems like a nice app but the radar map doesn’t work, and that’s my main reason for needing a weather app. Tried emailing support but my email keeps getting bumped back. Downloaded because I hate the new Storm app. Was told this app was closest to the original Storm, but so far not seeing it.

Ok, it’s raining

Why is it partly sunny?


One time I was doing it it was around seven o’clock and it said it was dark and it said it was six o one


I like the app for what it says, shows, and does. The part I don’t like: it uses only the vertical or portrait view, and I use my iPad with a keyboard, making it awkward to hold in portrait position. I would like to be able to use it in the horizontal or landscape position.

Love it

I’m weather-obsessed and love this app. Accurate, thorough and nice looking. No more Weather channel for me.

What happened to the map function?

I enjoyed the wind direction diagrams on the map function at the bottom of the screen. Now there is nothing there.


Very helpful ,I highly recommend .

Very fast and accurate

Great app and very accurate.


Way better than apple wether because mine barely shows up half the time or takes forever to load


Live weather is a good app. A version update would be nice. lar calc

Definitely one of the better weather apps

Compared to the standard included yahoo weather app for iOS and several others in the app store...this free version of app offers the most detail in my opinion. It’s also ad free. I would give it 5 stars but it lacks a few little things such as... 1. Help/support - according to the app store screenshots I’m supposed to be able to see the radar view, but can’t find it and a help section may be the solution. 2. For those of us that don’t live and breathe ‘weather’, it’d be nice to have definitions or explanations of terms and how these metrics affect us. For example the ‘feels like’ information is nice but I have no idea how the pressure metric fits in to the details. And what’s a beaufort? It’s the little details of any app that serve the user well that can take a good app to great. If these little things and similar were added, I would update my rating to 5.

looks great... but no radar

despite the app store showing radar, and the app initially having access to layers of radar info (wind speed, rain etc), the radar has never loaded for me. app is pretty, but poorly functional and needs to be more reliable to gain more stars. i’ll delete.

STILL useless, no directions re how to delete useless city names

What does the short sleeve shirt represent? It gives NO indication as to how to dress for weather conditions. There is a lack of variance in color when the part shows surrounding, larger areas. One cannot tell what the temps are, or the city area names. I use higher contrast levels, but they are not distinguished on this site. Do not look up names of cities that are common, and appear in many states. I tried to find Springfield Illinois. There were sooooo many Springfields, with NO state names found, unless by trial and error. You could not put in a state name, it doesn't register.


I read reviews the installed, I wanted to add several locations for my family would type in the city name and there were several cities across the US, guessed wrong because they do not tell you which state just the city name. Says I can edit but not how andI have tried repeatedly can not delete or change. Can not tell if the temperature they are showing is current or the same as it was at 6:00am. Nope not happy. Went to web site from App Store they did not even mention the weather app on the site. Nope not happy.

I wish this would work

Every time I try to get onto the game tab it will never work and this is never correct weather,like today 10-10-18 the weather said that it was only going to rain at night when it rained at day.

Reason for 4 stars

I wish this app included the dew point. Humidity does always reflect the whole story of what it feels like outside. Also, I don’t get anything when I click on the map at the bottom- wonder what it is suppose to report?

12am noon ??

App is really good just noticed that it says 12:00am for noon. ?? And 0:00 am for midnight. ???


Front page says it all! If I want more info hit next page. Clear, comprehensive and visual! My favorite weather app.

It’s ok

All I want is the info. I get so tired of every site wanting evaluations. I did this so they’d stop bugging me!!! Also unless I tap five stars, it wont let me send it. This now really a one star for that.

Different state

Whenever I type in river forest it only shows river forest in the other states and when I need it to show me River forest.😿😥😱😒😕😟😔😞

Best weather app/ also works for widgets

Favorite weather app, better than iOS version

Maps do not show

No maps

The best app ever!

This app is great! It tells in what hours it’s going to be sunny and what hours it is going to be hot. But after 12:00pm it says like military hour and I don’t like that. But that’s the only thing I don’t by now.


Short, concise, to the point. I look at a glance all the pertinent information I need to plan the day. No fishing or waiting for graphics to load. LOVE IT!!!

Wrong way

It comes up the wrong way on my IPad with a keyboard

It’s windy as heck out my window

And the app says 0mph. Can’t trust it. This is disappointing because I really wanted the feature it offers to see details of the rest of the week. Weather Channel doesn’t offer that, only the temps. Bummer.

Great app, just one request!

Consider changing the background color (blue) when using white font. Stick with a solid dark background color on the 9 day forecast page. It’s very hard to see the information, especially in daylight.

Basic functions missing

Ever since weather underground retired their old app, this is the best replacement I have found, good layout easy to read, all the information can be found intuitively except - state. I travel, when I am preparing to leave I want to know what the weather will be like - when you search for a city will not tell you the state until after you add the city. If you try to search for the city, st it is not found. Seems like a big oversite. As an example for the developer - I wanted to add Tyler, TX to the app - 10 cities named Tyler, still haven’t found which one is in TX.

👎🏼Radar Map Non Functional

I downloaded this app when I saw it had “radar maps”!!! Sadly the “Radar Maps” only show a blank page! Very very disappointing!!!


Downloaded. App can’t find my location. App won’t let me delete other locations. App won’t open Maps. Bummer!

No Rotation

Works good. But an ipad app should be able to rotate to landscape mode.

Great weather at a glance

This app provides a nice visual snapshot of the weather forecast. I prefer it to other weather apps. There is one bug, though. Every time I open it, an error message pop up is the first thing I see. Once I clear it, the app works great. A little bothersome but otherwise a good app.

Not at all what I wanted

I do not like the app, it doesn't give me radar, it's hard for me to work. I keep it for now because I have an older iPad and many apps are not compatible.

Tiny print

The print on thuis app is so small and there is so Little contrast between the temperature Numbers and their background, i cannot read this on my Phone in the morning. Maybe it is more readable on my tablet.


Why does this have any games

No Radar Maps

I like the app but I can’t get the radar maps to work

Why this app isn’t a 5 star

My entire objection is it is to hard to see. The fonts are way to small for some of us handicapped people. The light blue background with white letters contribute to the very hard to see. All you have to do is let the viewer choose the background and font color and the font size. Then it would be a 5 star. Thank you and God bless !




Is there a map if so mine doesn’t work at all

Map wouldn’t load

It has all the basic functions that a regular weather app should have, but the map wouldn’t load. Location isn’t very accurate either.

Great weather app

Great weather app better than some others out there the morning An evening messages to start your day An a nice concept of the over all lay out is done well it’s my go to weather app when I start my day 👍👍👍👍👍

No support response.

I emailed support indicating the app radar function isn’t working. No response. Please refund my money. App doesn’t do what is indicated. GUI is good if functionality was there I’d recommend it.

Not that great

Doesn't do much or work ,

Not obvious how to load locations

You can search location but not with state. You end up with a list of 5 Burlington’s or a bunch of Bedford’s and the country but not state so you are left guessing. Search should allow city and the abbreviation for each state. Pretty basic.

News coverage

Great coverage news experts and the news cast Very well versed in explaining the weather as it was effecting large areas of NC, SC and parts of Virginia. Thank you all for your service.

Waiting for map to work

I will rate it if the radar map ever works. I would give it a 5 if all options worked.

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