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Keeping me on top

I love this the play by play weather even if changes occur.

Great App

Works well. Clean, easy to navigate. Similar to Yahoo but without the bugs.


Really enjoy this app

Simply excellent

The best! Well presented, no messy additions. Very straight forward.

Great app ~ EEasy to use . i loved the larger screen. Overall good product


Spelling counts

Please spell Tomorrow correctly (not Tommorow) on the weather updates.

Neat app. 5 stars.

Clean app, better than Accuweather and the default Weather application on iOS that used to glitch in widget. Most importantly app is not overloaded with effects.

What are instant games

I go to instant Games and nothing shows up

What state is the city in

When looking for your city, there is no indication if the city you choose is in the correct state or country you want. Look at Marysville try and figure out which one is in washington state?

Clear Forecasts

The graphics are so neat, very well organiZed.

Visual Acuity

This is a phenomenal app for visual learners.

Not user friendly!

I’m having trouble with this app.It will not include the state and just picks a random city,state . I don’t know how to get it to work correctly!

Best Weather App Around

Just as others have stated it gets right to it no stupid ads, just accurate weather all the time. Wow!


Very poor, would not locate my town. Even in search would not accept a state . Worthless.

Yahoo better

Not good. yahoo much better.

Great app

Love being able to swipe over for all my saved cities! Easy to use

Great app!

Better than Apple weather app

Enjoy But

I can get most everything but can’t get Richmond Ky, can get Richmond Va help please.

Good App

not a bad app, but it would be a lot better if you could plan travel ! See what the average temperature is at the time you chose, you know like the weather channel app!




It’s raining hard outside and the app is showing partly cloudy. Also, temp warnings received via notifications “21 low when it’s not below freezing for severAl days this week.

Clearly better

I went through many "download- test- delete" until I tried this one. It is a keeper.

Garbage + Maximum Spam

When trying to add a location, you’re prompted to enter the city name (zip code search isn’t an option). When typing your city name, you get these results: City Name - United States. It doesn’t show the state! Worthless app, it’s more of a guessing game of where you live and whose weather you’d prefer not to give a hoot about (as I never allow location services for apps, I always type in my locale details in weather apps). Also - SPAM CITY, folks. Spam, spam, spammity spam spam. KEEP SCROLLING!

Couldn’t find my city in the US

I don’t like the weather channel app but this one couldn’t find my city. The app explanation was in another language for accessing your location while using the app.


Love it and usually very spot on. I wish you would add one feature. When rain is coming, I would love to be able to tap something and have the live radar come up. In other words, not have to go to another app to see what the storm looks like. I work outside for a living.


App can’t find location

Very good weather app.

Nice weather app. and doesn’t eat a lot of memory. I like it a lot.

Live weather review

This is the first information I check at the beginning of every day and when I need to know weather conditions. It is fast and reliable. Excellent smart phone application!

Boring Graphics and Animation

The limited and repetitive animation is actually distracting.


Good app

Weather app Seems to work great !

Good info


I tried to find my town only to find out. You can’t enter the state just the town. Then it pulls up the town in any old state.

Not enough info

Example, enter Portland. Gives a list but no state. Add Oregon and it says United Kingdom.

Good overall

I really like it, but the radar map doesn’t work. It sticks to wind direction & speed.

It’s mostly good

It has a lot of good features. I don’t like the blue color with white text. Can’t see the text. The map should show names of cities, especially your location. Overall it is accurate. Would like to see a 15 day forecast instead of 9 days.


Needs a little update make it better but yeah it's lit

Love the app!

This app is awesome one of the best I have used. I would it had a list feature where it list all your symptoms and cycles. I think the charts are cool though.


How long I don’t have to pay for!😊👍🏼


Tried many but this one works...

Generally a good app but...

This is a good weather app but: Doesn't display horizontally (landscape) on an iPad. (a great app should be able to display in both horizontal and vertical modes) 9 Day forecast is difficult to read - white text on a slightly blueish white background. (need more contrast or be able to adjust the background brightness) Also, why nine days every other app is 10? (just wondering) Annoying "Tips" dialog box pops up every time app is opened (get rid of that). It is AM PM or am pm - not Am Pm (need to correct)

Not optimized for iPhone X

Lazy developers haven’t updated the app to support the iPhone X display. Immediately uninstalled.

Need more information

On the surface, it is a decent app but I need more information. I would like a short paragraph detailing the weather for the day. It’s snowing today, but the app doesn’t even give accumulation totals.

Good in general

It required more improvements


I’m a pilot and this app is fantastic

Can’t search by state

The app is beautiful and seems to be accurate. But PLEASE add state info on the search function. I tried to add a city and 20 different locations popped up. There’s no way to tell which state the city is in. So dumb. I will continue using a different app until this is fixed.

Love that shows time of highest temp each day!

Wish it rotated to landscape.


This is a great weather app, but it won't let the screen rotate on my iPad.

Nice app

The app has a nice layout. I really like it.


I have tried a lot of weather apps and this is the best app I love the layout so keep up the good work. Thank you

Great weather details

Great app, appears to be more accurate than many others out there!!

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