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Great program

Simple but informative.

Clearly needs help!

Just downloaded it, tried it, and deinstalled it immediately after trying it out. The reason was that I'm not inclined to guess, which of the 20 cities of the same name that you list for the US is the one I want, because you don't display which state, but once selected you actually do. Get that fixed, please.

The goat

It’s so good you won’t even need to watch the news anymore! Only reason why you’ll watch the news will be to check out the hot meteorologist lady 😉


It is reliable

Nice graphics

Data similar to other apps (as you would how) but the graphics are great

The only weather app I use now

I first gave this app a 5 star rating, but I'm downgrading to 3. Still like the presentation, but tired of guessing which 'United States' to pick when I enter the town! The city edit option doesn't work, on my devise anyway. I'm done with this app. My delete button works fine.


This app is ok

Not good real time

We are in the midst of a line of severe thunderstorms that extends 200 mi north and south. We are under a severe thunderstorm warning. This program doesn't bother informing us of the warning nor to call attention to it on the map. Very poor.

Weather app

So far it's ok ,however just started use


I like the realistic weather backgrounds and how easy you can see everything you need and how Simple everything thing is to read and is does not use any really complicated terms. But... Sometimes it seems that you can't find all the places that you are look for in the search area. That is why I gave it 4 stars. I think this app is good.🤩👌❗️

It is great! There is only two things bad.

The only two things I don't understand is the games thing that you can tap on at the bottom and the fact that you can't select a state for the radar. When I tap on the games thing it just says "games" at the top and the rest is a blank blue page.

Really nice app.


Radar is lacking

I like that it gives current temperature and hour by hour prediction. I like that it gives a nine day forecast but the radar is lacking. Living somewhere that gets a lot of snow I need to see how widespread the snow is on the radar. I need to see how long it will be coming my way. This one keeps showing me it’s raining when I can see it isn’t!

Sorta Works

It does not always change by the day so it is 1 to 2 days behind on the hourly temps.


Just all weather info I need. Do wish on map area my location area was a bit more pronounced, as hard to read! Other than that the app is great!! 😏

The map needs improvement

If you’re like me then you want your weather app to have a nice easy interactive, detailed radar map to view the approaching weather. This app looks great, very sleek. However, the map is very difficult to change the data you’re seeing – wind, rain, etc. Also, it’s very difficult to see the names of cities on the map. I will be going back to weather bug. iPhone 7 Plus.


La mejor

Good app

Very easy to use and understand. Great weather app

Fair graphics, terrible tool.

Virtually useless for anything more than knowing current temperature, and wind speed. Useless for any occupational or professional use.

A keeper!

I have other apps but this one is very usable with pertinent information.

Dumb Search

I tried to search for Victor New York. Gives me 20 choices but you can not determine the state. ABSOLUTELY USELESS.

Ok App

This is a good app but can be improved by making it auto rotate to landscape view which is how my iPad is mounted. Please add this feature.

Weather app

Great job with this app. Thus far it works beautifully, provides the information I need, and I have not noted any glitches. Great app!

Screen won't "time out"

I like this app just fine. I had used a different one for the last four years and replaced it with this one. There seems to be one little glitch. My screen won't time out as long as I have this app open. I have an iPhone SE. Fixing this would be most appreciated. Thank you🦋


Outstanding app!

Good and simple

I like this app better than some of the other ones I've used. It's not complicated in trying to figure out where you want to go and the layout and design is very easy to find what you're looking for quickly. Plus it has a one or two very cute add-ons like the sunrise and sunset feature. "Good and Simple" as all the other apps should be.


Doesn’t show the correct day Have to power off the device and reboot to get it on the current day


Updates are almost nonexistent

Knows Almost No Locations

Of the 5 locations I entered it only recognized 1. To make things worse when it finds locations in the US it only shows the country not the state so half the time I picked the wrong one because it provided no help. Terrible.

below average app

poor app not totally bad app, but it would be a lot better if you could plan travel ! See what the average temperature is at the time you chose, you know like the weather channel app! Very poor at looking up locations! Try looking up Florence South Carolina, There is a list at least of 20 all just saying United States, not the actual location, you must select each location to find out if it is the right one. realpain in the butt

Live weather

No weather radar link. But, I like the rest of the app especially the rising sun. 👏🏻

My favorite!

Accurate, excellent effects, like new time format.

All I need

A nice uncluttered app that is pleasant to view and use.

Easy to use

Much information logically presented.

5 stars

It ok


Thank you for this app! It works well!

Okay but...

One bug is that it won't orient to landscape view on an iPad.

Great app but difficult to use

Although I am pleased with the usage layout I couldn't find a way to take a city off my forecast list so I had to delete then reinstall the app witch I find quite unnecessary if you find a way to fix my complication please write a review titled "Weather Delete" and an explanation to follow otherwise I love the app

Great App

This is one great weather app. I Iove it because of all the settings.

Show State Names

Tried to add my current local and now I'm seeing Tennessee. No offense to anyone in Tennessee but I am nowhere near tennis.

Great app

No issues at all so far. Does as advertised.

Cool app

It’s a really cool app!! It’s very detailed

Two stars

I gave your app two stars because it’s always far from accurate and seems buggy. Fix it please


Accurate, easy to use app.

Weather app

Very beautiful clear Accurate


This app is helpful because every morning I use it to know what to wear. Other apps just show what the highest and lowest degree is that it is going to be outside. But, this app, whole day. I am thankful to have this app because I can dress up appropriately for the weather.

Useful only for your current location.

I was so excited when I opened the app for the first time! It is beautifully made, with all the relevant weather specs and a great map. So I went to add more of the locations I frequently travel to and discovered that there is no way to tell the difference between the cities in different states! You can type a city, but you can’t type the state of the city! So when the results show, you get five or six of the same city name comma United States and there is no way of knowing which city is the one you want! Come on!

Honest Reviews Only/ Fluffing Little Guy’s Done!

If you want to leave a negative review, you must contact them first. Why? If the UI experience is bad then who’s fault is that?(TEST THE PRODUCT BEFORE IT IS GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC, IF YOU DON’T WANT CRITICISM). Fairly basic acumen The problem with this app is that if you try and look up your city, it only allows you to do so by name. NO HELP FUNCTION TO BE FOUND EITHER. For example, looking up (Irvine) - it won’t allow you to add the state, full or abbreviated or by zip code, thereby giving you a random list to choose from. It’s like playing darts blindfolded. You’ll have multiple choices listed with only ‘city’ ..& .. ‘country’ shown. City names in the US are duplicated many times over. You’ll have to go thru each one - hit & miss- until you get lucky. Lastly, why should anyone need to contact them first for such a short minded foul up? Every “geo-lookup” app permits the user to input what THEY need to get what THEY want. It’s not about satisfying the programmer but meeting the needs of the USER. STOP suppressing HONEST reviews on your product to fluff the little man.

This weather app is sooo awesome!

It shows how the clouds are moving and wind rates and it is sooooo awesome

No weather symbols!

Where is map showing warm and cold fronts! Low and high pressure system ? Without these it just a simplistic children’s hour!

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